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Natural gas companies have trusted Morrison Oilfield Services with flowback testing for years. Our skilled employees will: 

  • Rig up the needed equipment 

  • Perform the flowback testing by inducing the well to flow

  • Provide careful monitoring 

  • Report the well’s flowing pressure

Additionally, Morrison Oilfield Services designs, installs, and operates the water management system for any variety of hydraulic fracturing set-ups, including tanks, above-ground storage, and earthen impoundments. We provide an uninterrupted flow of water for fracturing operations and refilling of working tanks at the rates your company requires.


Morrison Oilfield Services also provides piping, high volume pumps, manifolds, and pump watch to unify the process of supplying water for hydraulic fracturing.


Our flowback testing equipment includes:

  • A choke, which throttles the flow and reduces pressure to a manageable level

  • A 3-phase separator, which is a big tank that allows the fluid mix to settle out into separate phases.  It has separate outlets for oil, water, and gas and level control mechanisms to keep the right fluid at each outlet.

  • Flowmeters for gas and liquids

  • Tanks to hold produced fluids

  • Transfer pumps and iron piping to hook everything together

  • A flare boom to burn off gas that cannot be captured (wells with no pipeline hookup)

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